There are bound to be other approaches, but one method is to configure the server as a reverse proxy.  This assumes you have control of the web server running on




From: Naveen Nandyala []
Sent: Monday, 14 January 2019 11:25 AM
Subject: [users@httpd] Updating Response url from Apache


Hello Team,


                We are currently using application internal to our network using something like below<Application_Context_Root>/menu.jsp


We are working to expose our application to external users we use an additional component Adobe Experience manager for accessing application which appends and additional context root in request header before even hitting our proxy server in DMZ which proxies request to internal.

Now our request for external users will be.<Application_Context_Root>/menu.jsp, when it redirects to internal Apache web server and when internal web server responds back to external its not appending additional context root in header /services/app due to which it's failing.


I’m looking for my internal Apache web server to identify any request coming to the internal Apache web server from sends a response back to external by appending /services/app to the header before Application_context_Root.


I think I may not be able to use rewrite module to achieve, I’m looking at substitute module. Is there a way I can add a condition to substitute module and append it to response header from apache?


Any request that comes to Apache from or Proxy server should be filtered and in every response that apache sends to this requests  I need to add “/services/app” to header before application context root.




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