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From Osman Zakir <>
Subject [users@httpd] About Using ProxyPass Directive
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2019 15:24:33 GMT
The application I want to deploy behind the reverse proxy is in the E:\programming\visual_studio_2017\Projects\currency_converter\x64\Release
directory on my computer, and I got a free subdomain from which
forwards to my external IP address which I got from searching "my ip" in my browser.  The
URL for it is  Right now it won't get to the app at all
because although I've set up port forwarding, my app still can't talk to the Internet publicly.
 I want to try setting up a reverse proxy again.

The front-end JavaScript code in my app sends a GET request to the server code I wrote in
C++ that asks for the currency API access key so it can use it to get the list of currencies.
 The path URI for the access key is "/?q=accesskey".  I want to configure this on the ProxyPass
as well so that it'd route to reverse proxy server correctly.  Right now my reverse proxy
configuration looks like this:

<Directory "E:/programming/visual_studio_2017/Projects/currency_converter/x64/Release">
Options All​
Options Indexes FollowSymLinks​
    AllowOverride None​
    Require all granted​
<VirtualHost *:8000>​
    ErrorLog "logs/"​
    CustomLog "logs/" common​
ProxyPass "/" "E:/programming/visual_studio_2017/Projects/currency_converter/x64/Release"​
ProxyPass "/?q=accesskey"

Should I put the same path as for the first ProxyPass directive, for the "/" route, for the
accesskey route as well, or is that one also wrong?  What would the correct one be if so?
 My app's source code is all on GitHub, here:
 Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

GitHub - DragonOsman/currency_converter: Application for Computer Science course<>
Google Maps + Currency Converter Web Application. Application for Computer Science course.
This is a currency converter web application with the frontend and a backend.

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