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From Daniel Ferradal <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Re: Retry connection to reverse proxy backend
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2018 11:18:48 GMT
I see the discussion has gone a certain way..

But just in case it wasn't mentioned: there is a specific parameter
"retry" for mod_proxy for cases like this. It is normal to wait a
little when a backend is marked as "bad" to let it recover but that us

By default the retry parameter is 60 seconds, but you can adjust it to
your needs.

2018-02-21 10:31 GMT+01:00 Yves Goergen <>:
> Seems like there's a bit of outdated and limited knowledge about platform
> capabilities in the topic as well. So without some good education this will
> never be solved. Maybe the next generation of developers will fix that.
> Those who didn't grow up on the command line because there was nothing else
> and who value other interfaces, too.
> Yves
> ________________________________________
> Von: @lbutlr
> Gesendet: Mi, 2018-02-14 02:50 +0100
> On 13 Feb 2018, at 13:35, Yves Goergen <> wrote:
>> Moving to modern and usable web platforms next time
> Web platforms also require registration and such. They are also much lower
> to access and invariably have much worse search as well.
> True, you can probably search them via google, but the chances are you will
> also find a lot of crap as well.
> I prefer mailing lists because I can access the data anywhere I am, even at
> the command-line and I find web boards to be universally awful.
> On the other hand, sites like stackoverflow are generally easier to find
> general answers that a specific mailing list, so there’s that.
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Daniel Ferradal
HTTPD Docs. I translate to Spanish.
#httpd help at Freenode

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