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From John Cardinal <>
Subject [users@httpd] Trouble using soft link when requesting image file
Date Tue, 20 Feb 2018 22:08:06 GMT
WHM v68.0.29

I am trying to configure Apache to follow a symbolic link from one account's
public_html folder to another account's public_html folder. So, if Account1
has a soft link "slink":

~account1/public_html/slink -> ~account2/public_html

Given the above, assets are available via two paths: is the same as is the same as

I added the symlink, and things seemed to work, including html, css, and
javascript files, files in subfolders, etc. The problem is, image files
don't work. The log shows a 404 error when accessing via the soft link. (200) (404)

The image files have the same permissions/owner/group as the text files.

I've searched for a solution but I haven't found any other example of
someone with the same goal/problem. One thread said that Apache's
memory-mapped files capability might cause symlink failures, and that using
"EnableMMAP Off" might solve it. I do not have a lot of experience
configuring Apache, so I am wary of adding that config option without more
confidence it will solve the problem, and a better understanding of any
performance implications. Perhaps more to the point, I don't know exactly
where to add it... maybe in the v-host section for account1 (the one with
the soft link)?

Has anyone encountered this problem before?

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