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From Daniel <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Redirect SITEB to SITEA while maintaining SITEB address in browser
Date Mon, 16 Oct 2017 11:11:13 GMT
What you are mentioning is not a Redirect, but a Reverse Proxy.

mod_proxy and the corresponding mod_proxy_http can help you with that.

If you need further info you can check:


2017-10-06 18:10 GMT+02:00 Drill Brain <>:
> Low hour apache user.  Hosting is godaddy on a unix share, apache 2.4.3-25.  Web content
languages used
> are perl and php.
> We own several Domains that serve local markets.  These sites are essentially identical
save for the
> content tweaked for the local user.  Right now, both pages served and the local site's
environment can
> be considered the same.  As we move to a central location, this will, over time, not
be true.
> We want to maintain the domain names.  We want users to be redirected to the central
site.  But, here's
> the catch.  We want to maintain the illusion that the anonymous user, visitor, is still
at his local site.
> If this can be done please continue. (We're ready to do the craigslist thing with the
local selector if we
> must)
> The illusion has two main parts.  First is the page rendering which we can handle simply.
 All we have
> to know is what site branding should be used.  Session vars have been used for this purpose.
 I assume
> a redirection can carry data that allows us to set this session var.
> The second part is the mystery to me and involves apache (if it can indeed be done).
> #?  How do get the browser to display a url pointing to the old site while browsing at
the new site?
> We don't want a page with SITEB branding to show a SITEA address (SITEA is the new central
> with all the files and database)
> If this is possible what I'd really appreciate is a link to examples or directions on
what to read in the documentation
> with notes on what to pay particular attention to.  I can formulate more directed questions
as I wade thru it.
> I love examples.
> Thank you.
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