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From Damien Clark <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] RE: Web sockets & proxypass - No protocol handler was valid for the URL
Date Thu, 07 Sep 2017 13:58:09 GMT

> On 7 Sep 2017, at 11:53 pm, Eric Covener <> wrote:
>> I am wondering whether the use of a rewriterule with the “P” flag is the reason
the upgrade header hasn’t been included.  I wonder this because it is pretty widely reported
to work fine when using ProxyPass to ws uri.
> I will have to look more later, but what's your exact httpd version? I

Yes, sorry.  Should have included this info.  

httpd -V
Server version: Apache/2.4.27 (CentOS)
Server built:   Jul 10 2017 09:38:04
Server's Module Magic Number: 20120211:68
Server loaded:  APR 1.5.2, APR-UTIL 1.5.4
Compiled using: APR 1.5.2, APR-UTIL 1.5.4
Architecture:   64-bit
Server MPM:     event
  threaded:     yes (fixed thread count)
    forked:     yes (variable process count)

> think if Upgrade is not preserved it implies mod_proxy_http was used
> via either ProxyPass or some failure in mod_proxy_wstunnel taking over
> -- so LogLevel trace8 might help.

I’ll generate the log output and get back to you.

Thanks Eric.


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