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From Adam Powell <>
Subject [users@httpd] Suggestion/Question about HTTP & HTTPS configurations
Date Sat, 20 May 2017 00:53:38 GMT

I am a user of Apache in the sense that I install it, configure it and run
it to host sites...I'm hoping this is the correct list to send this to.

Anyway, I recently did my first "from scratch" Apache install, build and
configuration in a cloud server (I had always used cPanel & WHM before).

My suggestion is that Apache should "assume" that port 80 for HTTP and port
443 for HTTPS and that they both serve the same content.

I'm not suggesting people shouldn't be able to customize it, but adding
duplicate and redundant directives for each Virtual Host for HTTP and HTTPS
seems unneeded.

In short, I'm suggesting a "smart default" that in the absence of a
specific Virtual Host configuration for HTTPS, just assumes that the HTTPS
matches the HTTP config for that Virtual Host.

Background: I got Apache (2.4.x) up and running on a Debian VM, configured
all my Virtual Hosts, installed an SLL certificate and went to view the
HTTPS version of a site.

I was redirected to the 'default' page for the server (not the default page
for the Virtual Host).

I then realized I needed additional, identical rules for that Virtual Host
for HTTPS on port 443...simply put, it seems like that extra level of
configuration shouldn't be required...that it should work that way
automagically unless specifically configured otherwise.

If not, I'd love to know why that's a bad idea.


Adam Powell

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