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From Ken Mycock <>
Subject [users@httpd] Rewrite REMOTE_USER environment variable
Date Tue, 23 May 2017 12:10:45 GMT
I am involved in migrating a legacy site, using Apache authentication and cgi 
scripts, to a CMS based site which uses its own access control.

The legacy site used  membership numbers as the user name, but the CMS site uses 
zero padded versions of those numbers.  So a user logging in to the legacy site 
would enter 10123, but 00010123 on the CMS site.  For consistency of user 
experience, we need to allow either form to pass Apache authentication - no 
problem as both forms are now included in the password file.

However, several hundred of the legacy cgi scripts read the REMOTE_USER 
environment variable to use as a key to identifying the member in the legacy 
database.  This lookup fails for users who log in with the zero padded form of 

Hence, we need to allow authentication of either form of number but to strip 
leading zeros from the number stored in REMOTE_USER.

I've tried various combinations of:
RewriteCond %{REMOTE_USER} ^0*([1-9][0-9]+)
RewriteRule ^0*([1-9]+)$ [E=RU:$1]
#SetEnvIfNoCase ^REMOTE.USER$ ^0*([1-9][0-9]+) RU=$1
RequestHeader set REMOTE-USER %{RU}e env=REMOTE_USER

 From the documentation, I know that this sort of manipulation was easy before 
Apache 2.4, but now needs a work-around.  What work-around should I use?  As 
we're on a shared server, the solution has to be implemented in htaccess, not 


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