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From Hajo Locke <>
Subject [users@httpd] http/2 Misdirected Request
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2017 09:36:08 GMT
Apache 2.4.25


have an issue with http/2 and response "421 Misdirected Request".
I read this to inform about issues with multiple hosts and same 
Unfortunately i can't solve my problem on my own.
Involved are to subdomains and
In HTML from is a link to
After clicking fast enough, we see the 421 response and in errorlog:
AH02032: Hostname provided via SNI and hostname provided via HTTP have no compatible SSL setup

As i understood apache returns with 421 if client wants to reuse already 
established connection but detects differences in ssl-setup.
The problem is to find that differences...
Both Subdomains use same wildcard-certificate which fits all hosts. Both 
subdomains use default-ssl.conf, there is no individual ssl-settings.
Only difference i see are filenames for 
SSLCertificateKeyFile/SSLCertificateFile in VHost. Both Subdomains use 
same certificate, but everey subdomain has stored the cert. in different 
files. Could that be a detected difference and reason for the 421? First 
tests seem to confirm.
I tried to debug ssl (LogLevel info ssl:trace5) but i see only a lot of 
openssl messages and no further explanation about ssl-differences.

What should i do now?

Why reacts Chrome in this harsh way and stops browsing? Firefox receives 
same response and just opens new connection.


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