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From Luca Toscano <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Apache substitute issue
Date Mon, 10 Apr 2017 17:24:13 GMT

2017-04-10 8:24 GMT+02:00 Hemalatha A <>:

> Hi,
> I am facing 2 issues with Apache mod_proxy and substitute.
> 1. I have a substitute like say:
>  Substitute "s/http/https/ni"
>  It works perfectly fine when I do curl. But on browser, it somehow
> doesn't seem to apply the substitute, it still remains http. What could be
> the reason, how to debug this?

Can you give us more info about how to reproduce the issue? For example a
HTML snipped that is not rewritten as you expect, otherwise it is really
difficult to help :)

Please also check that might be
more suitable/flexible/complete for what you are trying to do.

> 2. I have reverse proxy server on machine M1 for a backend server(http)
> running on local machine, whose service  if down redirect me to http
> service of backend machine M2, which also has a reverse proxy running.
> M1 proxyserver  --> http(M1) --> http (M2)
> If backend on M1 is down, I want the redirection to go to https of backend
> machine, instead of http or M1 to act as proxy for M2 backend also, if M1
> backend is down
> How can this be done?
What is the configuration that you currently use for the redirection? Can
you share your httpd config?


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