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From John Iliffe <>
Subject [users@httpd] What is preferred PHP interface?
Date Thu, 30 Mar 2017 00:49:12 GMT
Reading several sources there is conflicting information as to what is the 
preferred way to implement PHP scripts.  It appears that mod_php (how we do 
things now) is deprecated so I would like to take advantage of a server 
change to do things "right".

The documentation on mod_fcgid seems to stop in 2013 with the release of 
version 2.3.9, so I assume that this is no longer considered to be a good 

The link to mod_fastcgi on the Apache documentation page leads to a static 
billboard page for Chelsea Networks with no links and a last maintained 
date in 2002, so it doesn't seem to be current either.  This page says to 
use Netscape to view it (?)

mod_proxy_fcgi seems to be in current use, but right up front is the caveat 
that there is no starter for the script.  My guess would be that some sort 
of a wrapper is required to insert the path to the executable, but no 
documentation has appeared so far.

Using mod_proxy_fcgi also raises the issue of what to proxy to.  The PHP 
installation (version 7.1.3) includes a php-fpm module but the 
documentation for it on the PHP web site is rather sparse - ie non-
existent.  A Google search comes up with a web site, but the 
last entry on the news page is 29 Nov, 2011.  Doesn't sound like this is 
the preferred path!  The support link here says "Wiki is now offline, sorry. 
Use PHP 5.3.3+ now, and use!".  This is a very back level of PHP!

So, how is the best way to proceed?  

As always, thanks to those who will respond.




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