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From Stormy <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] ** MOD_RELEASE ** Apache2.x (mod_fence) Flood/DOS/DDOS Protection + stuck detection
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2016 16:51:22 GMT
At 04:26 PM 12/5/2016 +0100, DaVieS wrote:
>Hi Everyone!
>As a FullStack I had a very long headache with Apache, especially with 
>crappy and slowly pages, that the PHP stucks (FLOCK() && Session) the 
>processes over-time until the webserver become unavailable meanwhile 
>unfortunately slow pages (1-4 secs) will able to kill the whole webserver 
>with hammering F5 or with external help (with mod_evasive On and/or nginx 
>rate limiting).

On 3 November I posted a question about mod_evasive and here's another one. 
Could someone involved with Apache "background" please advise (on- or 
off-list) if such mods, distributed under the Apache license, have gone 
through any form of QA?

tnx -- paul

>In the case described before we made a module that only mitigate requests 
>when unfinished jobs remaining in apache and its stopped my headache as 
>well and it is available for public,
>"Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0".
>(Links below does not contains any advertising)
>If you are interesting how is it works please visit: 
>If you are interested for source: 
>If you are interested for our article about the problem: 
>Feel free to test / use / share and also pull requests are welcome.
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