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From Dennis Carr <>
Subject [users@httpd] HTTP 403 after upgrade from Debian old-stable
Date Thu, 29 Dec 2016 00:14:28 GMT

On Saturday, I did an upgrade of my server from Debian's previous
stable version to the current stable version.  With this, Apache
updated to 2.4.10.  In the process of that, I have a situation where it
looks like everything immediately off of my web root (/opt/www in this
case) and a Pipermail archive (which comes with a Mailman install) are
returning a HTTP 403.

I've done the following so far: 

* checked /var/log/apache/error.log, noted that server configuration is
denying permission

* Verified file system permissions in these directories, nothing has

* Inspected the configurations; nothing *seems* out of place,
especially in relation to the relevant directories

* stuck and went back to doing my "real" job, since I don't
get paid to troubleshoot my private server :-)

The long and short is that I'm looking to get un-stuck at this point,
and can use a bit of guidance.  A quick and dirty answer as to where to
look would help; failing that, what more information shall I provide?

-Dennis Carr

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