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From Matthias Leopold <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] httpd 2.4.23 stalling
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2016 20:17:35 GMT

Am 29.11.2016 um 02:04 schrieb Frank Gingras:
> On 28/11/16 04:16 AM, Matthias Leopold wrote:
>> hi,
>> i'm using a self compiled httpd 2.4.23 with event MPM as a dedicated
>> HTTPS reverse proxy to several backend services provided by oracle
>> components. platform for this server is RHEL7 on a POWER7 LPAR.
>> since a few weeks im having a problem that httpd is "stalling" from time
>> to time under higher load for a few minutes. during this period no logs
>> are written, browsers "hang" or give an unspecific ssl connection error
>> (firefox). the situation resolves by itself without intervention.
>> "higher load" only refers to apache utilization, common operating system
>> parameters are fine all the time.
>> once i had the chance to attach strace to a httpd process, it just
>> showed "read(". the interesting point in my opinion is that i saw this
>> process "hanging" even after httpd as a whole started working again. it
>> stayed in this condition for a long time before dying, it could have
>> been hours. as i could see from the process list a second child process
>> was started that apparently resumed the service.
>> i have no other clues what is happening inside apache as there are no
>> logs. operating system logs are also unsuspicious. can anyone give me a
>> hint what to do?
>> thx
>> matthias
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> Sounds like a lack of entropy at a glance.
> Frank.

thanks for your input, but i'm using "builtin" SSLRandomSeed in both 
contexts, so i can't imagine the problem stems from there


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