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From Matthias Leopold <>
Subject [users@httpd] httpd 2.4.23 stalling
Date Mon, 28 Nov 2016 09:16:08 GMT

i'm using a self compiled httpd 2.4.23 with event MPM as a dedicated 
HTTPS reverse proxy to several backend services provided by oracle 
components. platform for this server is RHEL7 on a POWER7 LPAR.

since a few weeks im having a problem that httpd is "stalling" from time 
to time under higher load for a few minutes. during this period no logs 
are written, browsers "hang" or give an unspecific ssl connection error 
(firefox). the situation resolves by itself without intervention. 
"higher load" only refers to apache utilization, common operating system 
parameters are fine all the time.

once i had the chance to attach strace to a httpd process, it just 
showed "read(". the interesting point in my opinion is that i saw this 
process "hanging" even after httpd as a whole started working again. it 
stayed in this condition for a long time before dying, it could have 
been hours. as i could see from the process list a second child process 
was started that apparently resumed the service.

i have no other clues what is happening inside apache as there are no 
logs. operating system logs are also unsuspicious. can anyone give me a 
hint what to do?


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