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From Raphaƫl <>
Subject [users@httpd] mod_status: extended + auto (machine-readable) output
Date Sun, 09 Oct 2016 00:58:57 GMT

I've an Apache server handling various virtual hosts and I'd like to monitor
the distinct activities of all of them without having to parse multiple
accesslog files.

Most monitoring softwares consume the output of "mod_status?auto" which is
made easy to parse but does not provide the detailed the information
available in the HTML mod_status+ExtendedStatus output

As a consequence they can't the monitor the detailed states of the
children and the virtual-host they serve.

If it were to be done, would you consider merging a patch of
mod_status in order to provide a machine-readable detailed output?
If yes, then would you have a specific guidelines/advises about the

* support of an "?extended" parameter in order to keep as-is the default
  and widely used output of "?auto". But ap_run_status_hook() allow
  appending anyway?

* Specific format to render the "Server Details" section (separators)

* whether or not adding the "SSL session cache" section
  (ssl_ext_status_hook) and "Proxy LoadBalancer Status" (proxy_status_hook) too?

The alternative to patching mod_status would be doing a
 custom/out-of-tree module using the ap_run_status_hook() in order
 to append to the output. But IHMO having auto+extended fits
 mod_status better.

best regards

Note: I don't know what use-cases the "NoTable" output format was
      intended to, given that its HTML is neither nice to render in
      a browser, neither is it nice to parse.

Note: from a quick look at the code, "auto" is bound to a
      "short_report" variable implying that machine-readable format was
      projected to stay short to begin with.

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