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From Adam <>
Subject [users@httpd] "Define" directive is ALWAYS parsed
Date Sun, 18 Sep 2016 15:52:27 GMT
I'm working on a way of making specific content available only under
certain circumstances, and I believe the best way to go about this is
to use the "Define" directive, then do some stuff within "<IfDefine
...>" wrappers. The problem is, no matter what kind of conditional
stuff I put around the Define line, it is always parsed.
    <If "%{HTTP_USER_AGENT} =~ /curl/>
    	    Define myvar
With the above, the "myvar" parameter will always be defined for every
request, regardless of user-agent. This will also work:
    <If "%{REMOTE_ADDR} == 'these.are.numbers'">
    	    Define myvar
Very clearly that should never ever match, yet it does. Reading the
documentation seems to indicate that the Define directive should be
obeying the context it is being put in:
Documentation for "If" directive (
> Only directives that support the directory context can be used within
> this configuration section.
Documentation for "Define" directive (
> Context:	server config, virtual host, directory
Perhaps the only way I could get Define to only be applied
conditionally is by following the example of nesting it within <IfDefin
e...> wrappers. But if Define is otherwise always set globally and
unconditionally, then the <IfDefine...> directive seems superfluous.
Am I vastly misunderstanding the usage of this here?
Thanks for any assistance.

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