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From "Kothapalli, Suresh" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Apache Load Balancer Port number 443 not received the request
Date Wed, 04 May 2016 11:48:55 GMT

I am using apache load balancer server Apache HTTPD (Apache24_2.4.10) with mod_proxy and mod_proxy_balancer
to balance the load to 2  tomcat (Tomcat 8.0.23 ) instances  in production1 server , Production2

In apache2 configuration, defined a cluster like virtual host

<VirtualHost *:443>
KeepAlive on
KeepAliveTimeout 120
MaxKeepAliveRequests 0
ProxyTimeout 300
SSLEngine on
SSLProxyEngine on
SSLCertificateFile "D:\Apache24\certs\MAS-Test.cer"
SSLCertificateKeyFile "D:\Apache24\certs\MAS-Test .key"
SSLProtocol -SSLv2 -SSLv3 -TLSv1 -TLSv1.1 +TLSv1.2
ProxyPass / balancer://xyz_Dev/
ProxyPassReverse / balancer://xyz_Dev/
ErrorLog "logs/bbbb_error.log"
TransferLog "logs/aaa_access.log"
LogLevel debug

It works as we expected,  load balancer does redirect to another instance. Everything is working
well until this point.

The problem is port number 443 doesn't not accept the client request at certain period of
the time. However when recycle the HTTPD load balancer
everything will work as a normal..

Please find apache tomcat server and load balancer sever log file. Kindly revert to this mail
with your appropriate recommendations.

Any help is much appreciated.


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