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From Good guy <>
Subject [users@httpd] Re: Using an older version of PHP with Apach2
Date Fri, 22 Apr 2016 20:17:35 GMT
On 22/04/2016 17:55, Oscar Knorn wrote:
> Am 21.04.2016 um 14:05 schrieb Richard:
>>> Date: Thursday, April 21, 2016 01:01:25 -0400
>>> From: "Brandon L. Wisenburg" <>
>>> All,
>>> Is it possible to use PHP 5.2.5 with Apache/2.4.6
>>> I have an application that was written in WAMP5 using PHP 5.2.5,
>>> and I am trying to get the application onto a CentOS server and I
>>> can't get it to work with 5.4.16
>>> Are there any good tutorials on using an older version of PHP with
>>> Apache?
>> Leaving aside what it would take to do this, I think that attempting
>> that route is dangerous.
>> Based on your PHP release, I suspect that you are running Centos-7.
>> While RHEL (therefore included in Centos) backports security fixes,
>> keeping the base release number stable, I doubt that you will find a
>> release of php 5.2.5 that will work on Centos-7 that is current on
>> all the security fixes since 5.2.5 was released in 2007.
>> A much better approach would be to do the necessary one-time fixes to
>> your php code and stick with distribution-supported apache/php
>> releases (or do your own installs, of *newer* releases).
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> What about rewriting the application's PHP Code to run on PHP 7?
> I guess that's the best way to achive what you want.
> Cheers Oscar

Or if there is an option then use Windows to host multiple php 
versions.  I use them all the time on my development machine that is 
running Windows 10 and IIS.  you just need to make sure you have the 
correct VC++ run time libraries.  You can download them from Microsoft 
Website (VC9, VC10, VC11/12, VC14).

I agree, the old code should to be migrated to run on latest PHPs.

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