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From Szűcs Roland <>
Subject [users@httpd] how can lassfish application server behind Apache and wordpress blog as a subdirectory can work together
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2016 08:21:24 GMT
Hi expert users,

I am newbie to Apache webserver and as a start I face a complex problem.

I have developed a Java EE 7 app with Glassfish 4.1.1 Application server.
On the other hand I have a wordpress blog. Google pagerank calculations
handle differently the subdomain and the subdirectory. If I put my blog
under my java web app, than the pagerank of blog influences my domain's
pagerank positively. If I use it as a subdomain than there is no positive

Consequently I have to solve somehow, that if somebody sends a get request
to than the request should be handled by Glassfish but if than Apache should handle this.

I have read articles how to install Glassfish behind Apache but they showed
me only how to force Apache to make Glassfish handle the request of* using jk_mod. (

I have read also an other potential solution to use a "Java php interpreter
for glassfish" called Quercus (

Is there no any "native" Apache solution for my problem. I prefer a
solution that use the apache very flexible and outstanding configuration


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