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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: AW: [users@httpd] How to test my self-compiled Apache (overall and specifically LDAP)
Date Tue, 12 Apr 2016 13:51:30 GMT
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On 4/12/16 3:16 AM, Poggenpohl, Daniel wrote:
> can you point me to possible scenarios where mod_ldap would be 
> necessary?

If you want to use any of these directives in your httpd
configuration, then mod_ldap will be necessary:

Basically, if you want to use httpd for authentication over LDAP.

> The docs say "websites relying on backend connections to LDAP 
> servers." I can't quite grasp it. Would it only be useful if I
> don't use any LDAP libraries in my website code?

I think that is more negatives than you had intended to use in there.

The only time you need LDAP-related modules in httpd if if you want to
use LDAP-related directives. If you use LDAP through PHP, it's
completely irrelevant: PHP contains its own LDAP support.

So if you only need LDAP support within PHP itself, you can ignore all
the LDAP-related modules for httpd.

> Do you know of example websites using this?

Using what?

> Oh, and did I understand it right that authnz-ldap is for basic
> HTTP authentication using an LDAP server?

The answer to that question is insanely easy to find:

- -chris

> -----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht----- Von: Christopher Schultz
> [] Gesendet: Montag, 11. April
> 2016 19:45 An: Betreff: Re: [users@httpd]
> How to test my self-compiled Apache (overall and specifically
> Daniel,
> On 4/11/16 12:11 PM, Poggenpohl, Daniel wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> now that I have a self-compiled httpd, I of course would like to 
>> test its features, or rather if all features are working right
>> when it is running. Is there a way to test my build in general?
>> One specific thing that I want to test is LDAP. I know that a 
>> combination of system LDAP and system SSL works in my case, but
>> I also know that when I use a self-compiled LDAP, something
>> isn't working right. I can do an ldapsearch on the command line,
>> I can build a PHP file and use the PHP cli and it works, but when
>> I make requests over http that end in the use of LDAP functions, 
>> something's not right. So how do I test my httpd LDAP
>> functionality isolated?
>> My httpd build has --enable-authnz-ldap, --with-ldap, 
>> --with-ldap-include and --with-ldap-lib configured. I also don't 
>> really know - if I even need the authnz plugin (doing no basic 
>> authentication if I'm right) - what possible values the
>> --with-ldap switch can get and what it does (I know it is for
>> apr) - why the --with-ldap switch doesn't work like other
>> switches (e.g. --with-ssl=/path/to/ssl) - if I even need ldap
>> support in apache if I only use ldap in php scripts
> If you are only using LDAP in PHP scripts, then you don't need to 
> compile LDAP into httpd at all.
> -chris
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