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From "Poggenpohl, Daniel" <>
Subject [users@httpd] A cronjob for the apache user - is the home dir for apache really necessary?
Date Sat, 23 Apr 2016 12:05:30 GMT
Hello everyone,

Preface: My system is Solaris 11.2/11.3 X86/64.

I'm changing some cronjobs which previously ran as root which surely isn't really necessary.
I entered some cronjob in the crontab for the apache and wondered why it didn't execute. I
also wondered where the heck I could see what was wrong? I even thought that maybe the cronjob
isn't even tried to run because the apache user doesn't have login enabled and has no password

Well, after googling a lot, I found out about /var/cron/log and /var/mail/apache, which got
me less helpful information (The script was executed, but got rc=1), and more helpful information
(real error messages which helped determine the cause). One of the error messages was that
the apache user couldn't change directory to his home dir, /export/home/apache. That's correct,
because the apache user doesn't need a home dir, because he isn't a real user.
But the script didn't work without me making the directory for the apache user.

Is there some way to prevent this? My cronjob was just " >> script.out",
to test it.

Daniel Poggenpohl

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