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From Eric Covener <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Re: mod_cache for FallbackResource?
Date Tue, 22 Dec 2015 16:03:27 GMT
On Tue, Dec 22, 2015 at 9:59 AM, Raphaƫl <> wrote:
> Any takers?
> From another discussion level I wanted to see if cache disk could
> compete with Varnish, eg:
> - Apache + mod_cache_disk + mod_ssl
> could be a better stack than
> - Apache + Varnish + Pound.
> So far, I'm under the impression that managing a reverse-caching proxy
> with mod_cache is, if even realistically possible, by far more complex
> and less powerful than Varnish.

"...If even realistically possible"? Hard to take anything else seriously.

> That's pretty hard to believe since being an Apache module, mod_cache
> theorically benefits from a better integration and higher "knowledge"
> from the backend HTTPd.

It's a mixed bag.

> As an example, caching dynamic resources having different query strings
> is a non-issue using Varnish (or most other reverse-proxy caches).
> What makes mod_cache so specific in this regard?

Should be a non-issue in httpd, the query string is part of the cache
key. Is there
something wrong here when you don't put CacheEnable in <Location> or
is that tainting
all the other stuff?

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