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From Stephen Liu <>
Subject [users@httpd] 回覆︰ [users@httpd] 回覆︰ [users@httpd] How to solve ONE fixed IP serving multiple web-servers running on VMs
Date Fri, 25 Dec 2015 16:17:47 GMT
Hi, Marat,
Whether following document is good for me to follow;
Building Apache for Proxying

RegardsStephen L

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|   |   |   |   |   |
| Running a Reverse Proxy with Apache:As with any modules, the first thing to do is to load
them in httpd.conf (this is not necessary if we build them statically into Apache).  |
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| 查看於 | Yahoo 預覽 |
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    Marat Khalili <> 於 2015年12月26日 (週六) 12:01 AM 寫道﹕

  Have no experience with HA Proxy, sorry. Your task can be solved with plain Apache, information
about using one as reverse proxy is easier to find.
 With Best Regards
 Marat Khalili  
  On 25/12/15 18:44, Stephen Liu wrote:
  Hi Marat, 
  Thanks for your advice.  I suppose you referred to HA Proxy HAProxy 
  I'm now busily googling on document re its setup on domain base.  Can you help?  Thanks

  Regards Stephen L
      Marat Khalili <> 於 2015年12月25日 (週五) 11:31 PM 寫道﹕
    Reverse proxy running on host may be the answer. It may discriminate sites by domain name
and redirect requests to corresponding virtual hosts.
 With Best Regards
 Marat Khalili
   On 25/12/15 18:11, Stephen Liu wrote:
  Hi all,
 I have following problem:
 Host       Ubuntu 14.04 desktop
 VMs       Ubuntu 14.04 desktop/server edition
 I have several web-servers running on VMs, each with its own domain/subdomain and internal
IP address.  But I have only one Fixed IP/External IP. 
 All VMs are Apache server running WordPress.  I can create many internal IPs on router.

  Please advise how can I make all web-servers be browsed on Internet 
  Thanks in advance. 
  Regards satimis

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