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2015-10-07 2:56 GMT+03:00 Kurtis Rader <>:
On Tue, Oct 6, 2015 at 4:08 PM, Suat Furkan Kahya <> wrote:
i have a struct and 2 modules

typedef struct person{

               char *name;
                int id;

1-mod_person_adder -> add new person to system.
2-mod_person_counter -> counts total person number in system.

let say i allocate memory using mod_person_adder module

apr_palloc(r->server->process-> pool,sizeof(Person)); (Or any pool )

how can i reach this record in mod_person_counter module ? or how can

carry data like ap_table with key value between modules.  is it possible? Thanks.

You are unlikely to get an answer on this mailing list. Even though developers (like myself) read this mailing list it isn't the correct forum for such questions. Check out the "Third-Party Module Authors' List" on this page:

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