I have an Apache web server running on my intranet, and I would like for all external HTTP/HTTPS requests from my Apache web app to use my company's intranet proxy.



·         Linux v2.6.32-504.12.2.el6.x86_64

·         Red Hat v4.4.7-9

·         Apache v2.2.15


I have enabled the following modules in httpd.conf


·         proxy_module

·         proxy_connect_module

·         proxy_http_module




·         Site - http://internal.company.com

·         Proxy – http://proxy.company.com:1234

·         External resource – https://external.site.com

Manually specifying the proxy for curl works as expected:


curl -x http://proxy.company.com:1234 -L https://external.site.com


However, my best efforts to configure Apache have failed so far:



    ProxyRequests Off


    <Proxy *>

        Order deny,allow

        Allow from all



    ProxyPass https://external.site.com http://proxy.company.com:1234

    ProxyPassReverse https://external.site.com http://proxy.company.com:1234




    ProxyRequests On

    ProxyRemote https://external.site.com http://proxy.company.com:1234

    NoProxy .company.com




    ProxyRequests On

    ProxyRemote * http://proxy.company.com:1234

    NoProxy .company.com


And I've tried various combinations of the above settings as well.  The info in the Apache docs about Intranet Proxy hasn't been terribly helpful.


Really appreciate any help!