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From David Johnson <>
Subject [users@httpd] Error executing script through Apache
Date Fri, 16 Oct 2015 14:21:45 GMT
Hello Apache community,

I am migrating our schools ERP system from HP-UX to Redhat.

We run a UniData database utilizing Apache to access our data through our intranet.

All I am trying to do is migrate the system to the new OS, but I am having issues initializing
the database through Apache.

I have it configured to run as user www, and we are trying to execute a cgi script that is
really very simple.

It is setting a few environment variables, changing directory, and calling the database program.

I have the httpd.conf set up to allow cgi execution, have mapped my script alias directory.

I can execute cgi scripts fine, but when I try to call the UniData database I get the error
"Error when getting SMM's shmid (errno=13)."

I opened a case with Rocket (They own UniData) and they said...

"errno=13 is coming from the Linux level and is a 'permissions denied' error. You may want
to try what the user is trying as root, or check on the permissions of files they are trying
to use"

As you know I cannot run Apache as root, and when I call the cgi script from the command line
as user www it works just fine, so I know it not permissions on the database files.

Does anyone have any clues as to what I may need to change in my configuration?

What would be different about being logged in as www at the command line and calling a script
vs. running Apache as www and calling it through the intranet?

Thank you in advance for any help any of you may have to offer!

David C. Johnson

David C.Johnson
Schoolcraft College
Administrative Systems
Senior Systems Administrator

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