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From Scott Neville <>
Subject [users@httpd] Apache HTTPD returning status code 413
Date Fri, 30 Oct 2015 17:36:32 GMT

I am looking after a web based application which is developed in Java 
and fronted by Apache HTTPD (via mod_jk to Tomcat to be specific). We 
have noticed a very small number of requests which Apache HTTPD returns 
a status code of 413 to a request which would appear legitimate. When 
you access these URLS using the same path through the application they 
work fine. However all of the requests that get issued a 413 come over a 
specific set of routers/gateways/firewalls, 99.99% of requests work fine 
just as expected. However the small percentage of requests which Apache 
HTTPD sends a 413, it is consistently repeatable, so if you request the 
same page multiple times from the same machine, the request does reach 
Apache HTTPD each time and Apache HTTPD responds with 413 each time.

I have a theory that one of the firewalls/gateways/routers is adding 
something to the HTTP request headers (or maybe the body of the request) 
which is making it too long for a GET request. Is there any way to trap 
all of the HTTP requests and log them (with the full headers and the 
body), so we can see if my theory holds true. Once I can prove or 
disprove this I can take it to the people that look after the firewalls 
and ask them to fix.

Many thanks for your thoughts.


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