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From Parke <>
Subject [users@httpd] undocumented silent failure of mod_autoindex (without mod_dir)
Date Sat, 05 Sep 2015 23:06:43 GMT

I was adapting some old apache.conf files today.  I wanted to use
mod_autoindex, and I know it worked with these configuration files
previously (perhaps with an older version of Apache).  But I kept on
getting 404 errors instead of directory listings.

After some web searching, I found this page:

"If you started using Apache 2.4, you may have noticed auto indexes
are not working anymore, [...] It turns out you now need to disable
DirectoryIndex in order to have auto indexes working."

DirectoryIndex itself depends on mod_dir.

So... mod_autoindex will load, its directives will parse without
error, static files will be served, yet GETting a directory will
result in a 404 error, with no details in the error log (even with
LogLevel debug) as to why mod_autoindex is not generating dynamic

Undocumented, silent failures can be frustrating to diagnose.

Perhaps the mod_autoindex documentation could be improved to include:
1) an explicit explanation of mod_autoindex's dependency on mod_dir
and DirectoryIndex
2) a sample, minimal, functioning configuration of mod_autoindex

(Aside: is there even any way to use mod_autoindex without mod_dir?)



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