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From Eric Covener <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] undocumented silent failure of mod_autoindex (without mod_dir)
Date Sat, 05 Sep 2015 23:26:10 GMT
On Sat, Sep 5, 2015 at 7:06 PM, Parke <> wrote:
> Undocumented, silent failures can be frustrating to diagnose.
> Perhaps the mod_autoindex documentation could be improved to include:
> 1) an explicit explanation of mod_autoindex's dependency on mod_dir
> and DirectoryIndex
> 2) a sample, minimal, functioning configuration of mod_autoindex

I think you're mis-observing something here.  The relationship is
exactly the intiutitive relationship as its described at the top of


The index of a directory can come from one of two sources:

* A file written by the user, typically called index.html. The
DirectoryIndex directive sets the name of this file. This is
controlled by mod_dir.
* Otherwise, a listing generated by the server. The other directives
control the format of this listing. The AddIcon, AddIconByEncoding and
AddIconByType are used to set a list of icons to display for various
file types; for each file listed, the first icon listed that matches
the file is displayed. These are controlled by mod_autoindex.


mod_autoindex works without mod_dir loaded and works with mod_dir
loaded as when you request a directory that doesn't have one of the
named DirectoryIndex files. If it's failing for you, it's something
more nuanced (like some other directives changing where the request is
mapped to)

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