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From Tom Browder <>
Subject [users@httpd] SSI #virtual script and cache control: recommendations?
Date Fri, 04 Sep 2015 12:33:44 GMT
I am using an SSI virtual script (only in index.html) which records
page access time in a database. My definition of page access time is
one hour, that is, the client gets credit for only one access per
hour. Unfortunately, my default setup is such that I'm currently not
specifying any caching for my site, so I want to start some kind of
explicit caching, especially for the index.html pages which should
expire no sooner than, say, 30 minutes after the last access.

My sites serve mostly static material, but with updated material
fairly often, so I could cache almost everything else for at least
several hours.

Problem: The documentation for mod_expires is pretty clear, but it
doesn't look like I can specify a separate expiration time for
"index.html" versus other html files.  Does anyone know of a way to do

Problem: Cache control is a complex area for beginners.  Can anyone
point to a recommended starting cache setup for my httpd.conf?

Thanks for any help or pointers.



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