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From Sander Smeenk <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Apache 2.4, NFS-mounted content, strict permissions & htaccess
Date Thu, 20 Aug 2015 13:51:18 GMT
Quoting Robert Webb (

> What options do you have set for the NFS mounts?

The server is a NetApp FAS 32040 in MetroCluster mode.
Its export options are '-sec=sys' and then a set of hosts that
either have rw or ro access. 

The client has 'rw,vers=3,tcp,bg' in its fstab.

Nothing special imho.

> Could it have something to do with a atime/noatime setup?
> I have not done NFS in a while so I am just throwing this out there.

I fail to see how (no)atime would impact this. Since we dont specify any
atime options, the defaults should apply (atime on).

Please note the following:

> >See the paste i posted, esp. the part:
> >
> >"[ .. ] I've traced the error to a call to ap_run_open_htaccess inside
> >apache itself. getuid() returns 33 (www-data) right before this call, on
> >the local filesystem this call returns APR_ENOTDIR and on the remote
> >filesystem it returns APR_EACCES."

Perhaps i should take this to -dev to get more insight on this...

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