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From Bjoern Voigt <>
Subject [users@httpd] Incorrect links in autoindex files in a reverse proxy setup
Date Sun, 07 Jun 2015 15:27:27 GMT
To make user access to Web and WebDAV services easier, I try to
collect all services on one public server for one of my customers.

Some internal servers act as WebDAV servers. All servers run with
Apache 2.4.

Access to WebDAV service of "other-server"
(https://other-server/webdav/) from public server already works:

    <Location /webdav/other-server/>
              ProxyHTMLEnable On
              SetOutputFilter proxy-html
              ProxyPass https://other-server/webdav/
              ProxyPassReverse https://other-server/webdav/
              ProxyHTMLURLMap /webdav/ /webdav/other-server/
              RequestHeader unset Accept-Encoding

    SSLProxyEngine on
    SSLProxyCheckPeerCN on
    SSLProxyCheckPeerExpire on
    SSLProxyCheckPeerName on
    SSLProxyVerify require
    SSLProxyCACertificatePath "/etc/apache2/ssl.crt/"
    SSLProxyVerifyDepth 10

But if I use the WebDAV share read-only with a normal browser, I
have the problem that the parent directory links do not work,
because it points to the internal location /webdav. ProxyHTMLURLMap
seems to do nothing. Also the title of the index files is wrong
("Index of /webdav").

I see two possibilities to fix this:

1) Tuning of mod_autoindex on "other-server". I didn't find options
for absolute/relative links.

2) Tuning the public server. But the configuration above does not
rewrite internal links ( /webdav/ to /webdav/other-server/).

ProxyHTMLLogVerbose is not recognized.

Any hints?


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