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From "Jens-U. Mozdzen" <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Documentation for /etc/sysconfig/httpd file
Date Fri, 05 Jun 2015 13:14:39 GMT
Hi Dirk,

Zitat von Dirk Devos <>:
> So, if I understand this correctly I should be putting my changes in
> "/usr/sbin/apachectl" and not "/etc/sysconfig/httpd".

this depends on your distribution's setup. In my case I can see that  
apache(2)ctl does *source* /etc/sysconfig/apache2, which would be then  
the proper place for local customization. How your distro handles  
this, is something you will have to find out (i.e. by looking at your  
apachectl script).

> So if I want to have a variable available to me in httpd.conf that contains
> the server's host name that I am running on, what do I need. I have tried
> variable=$(hostname) and variable=`hostname` and when I use that variable in
> httpd.conf is always resolves to the actual literal "$(hostname)" or
> "`hostname`".

Why your variables aren't set properly is a different (shell  
scripting) story, maybe running your script via "set -x" will give you  
a clue.


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