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From "Rose, John B" <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Apache httpd have it's own repo?
Date Tue, 05 May 2015 19:14:09 GMT

Regarding your reply "whether or not you actually "need" a more
recent version."

We ware wanting to use custom error pages for 404 errors while using
PHP-FPM with Apache. We found a possible solution, but it seems to require
2.4.10 Š

"As per Apache documentation, the SetHandler proxy parameter requires
Apache HTTP Server 2.4.10."



On 5/4/15 5:40 PM, "Andy Wang" <> wrote:

>On 05/04/2015 01:28 PM, Rose, John B wrote:
>> It looks like the yum repo for httpd for Red Hat 7 just has httpd 2.4.6
>> Does Apache have it's own repo? We have looked around a bit but not
>> found it. We assume that would be a more recent version.
>The apache org only provides source code for httpd.  They do not provide
>binaries much less provide them through yum/apt/portage/whatever repos.
>  Binaries are provided by third party contributors as they can provide
>One thing to keep in mind, yes, EL7's httpd is 2.4.6, but that doesn't
>mean the code is stuck at 2.4.6.  The various Linux distribution vendors
>backport critical and security fixes to their "frozen" versions, and
>occasionally feature releases.  They do version freezes for various
>reasons, some of which are to satisfy "stupid" enterprise customer
>stability requirements. But yes, it can be somewhat confusing.
>So you need to examine your actual reasoning for why you want a more
>recent version before deciding whether or not you actually "need" a more
>recent version.
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