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From Rubén Toribio Aldeguer <>
Subject [users@httpd]
Date Thu, 21 May 2015 08:42:40 GMT

we are working with a mod_maxminddb and apache 2.410.

mod_maxminddb is configured to set de env variable GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE

The problem is that if we do:


We see correctly set the header. (is set to "ES", as we expected)

But,in this rewrite rules, GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE seems to don't be seted, and
applies the alternative value "en" on the RewirteRule:

   RewriteMap locale-to-pub txt:conf/rewrites/locale_to_pub_b2c_v61.txt
   RewriteRule ^\/((index|home)(\.php|\.jsp))?$

This are ERROR TRACES from rewrite_mod, where we can see "key=" as void.

    applying pattern '^\\/((index|home)(\\.php|\\.jsp))?$' to uri '/'
    cache lookup FAILED, forcing new map lookup
    map lookup FAILED: map=locale-to-pub[txt] key=
    rewrite '/' -> '/en/home.jsp'

After some research, and tests, we know that if we force the variable whit


it works. It is because SetEnIf sets the variable at the begining of the
request, before mod_rewrite take acction. In this way, seems like
mod_maxmiddb is taking acction after mod_rewrite.

How can we confirm it? How can we workaround it?


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