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From Lester Caine <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Fwd: E tag numbers
Date Mon, 11 May 2015 19:04:29 GMT
On 11/05/15 18:26, Yehuda Katz wrote:
> I look constantly for new outlets etc. this exercise came about only
> last week whilst
> checking background info using This indicated (after an
> afternoons work)
> that 5 Domains were using the exact same Apache server ref. as well as
> the same Etag
> Number.
> I can find out the registrars details of each Domain that,s quite easy.
You should also be able to identify if they are running on the same IP
address or via the same name server. There is a lot of information that
can be gained just from the domain name.

> I was hoping to find how E tag numbers are allocated! are they
> purchased, where do they
> come from etc. if so it should be then possible to identify the actual
> user (assuming they
> have used proper names, bank details etc etc..

As has been said, the eTag is generated by the uer of the server either
manually, or via the software used. Not knowing what content you are
looking at it is difficult to offer any advise other than to say that if
these sites are creating the same information, it is always possible
that they have cloned the software from somewhere resulting in
everything looking the same. My own servers are clones of one another so
that in theory if one goes down I can switch to another and produce the
same data ... identically. That may include the eTag so that users don't
download large files simply because the serving hardware has changed.
NOTHING provided by eTag is recorded outside the using system, but that
may well be a system running on hundreds of machines all producing the
same eTag.

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