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From Andy Wang <>
Subject [users@httpd] httpd 2.4 and windows "hangs" and AcceptFilter solution
Date Wed, 15 Apr 2015 16:40:49 GMT
We've come across numerous cases where apache httpd 2.4 (I'm using 
2.4.12 but I don't believe this is version specific) hang using the 
default configuration options.

There are two cases
1) we have an InstallAnywhere installer that launches httpd during 
install time to do some initial work.  When the installanywhere 
installer starts httpd.exe (it does it via cmd.exe) httpd does not 
respond to requests.  If you kill the installanywhere installer, then 
all of the sudden httpd starts responding
2) certain IE 11 client requests hang httpd 2.4.

I've wireshark'ed #2 and at some point, an http GET gets an ACK and 
nothing more.  I've peeked a little bit at the process threads with 
processexplorer (unfortunately i'm not a windows developer, so I'm not 
entirely familiar with the low level windows stuff) and everyhting looks 
like it's okay and simply waiting for requests.

What I found after googling and testing is AcceptFilter http|https none 
prevents both of those problems.  I've not yet tried connect to see if 
that works either.

But what I'm really wondering about is, can anyone explain, especially 
in #2, what it is about AcceptFilter http none that actually resolves 
these types of issues?


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