| Maybe the question is what combination of load testing and functional testing do you need?

I would like to test the values/settings we have had on our Apache 2.2 webserver with as close as 
possible to the equivalent settings in our new Apache 2.4 server.

We would like to experiment with each value and run a test for each value change we make and see the im
pact on the response perfromance and load on the server resources, RAM, CPU, Network capacity, various
states shown in server-status. Over the years things have been put in place just to get it running or q
uickly fixed. We want to thoroughly vette our web server configuration settings with this opportunity.

We would like to take the historical log of accesses to the current production 2.2 server and run 
those against our 2.4 server. Experiement with existing directives and their values. Try other 
directives that look potentially useful we havent tried before. See how they help or hinder 

We want to take each of the new features of 2.4 and one by one try them and test each one with 
various values.

We want to stress test the server to see the maximum load it can take from a RAM perspective,      
then a CPU perspective, and still have acceptable perfromance. Find the tipping point of 
simultaneous connectivity that begins to render the server unusable and the approx number of 
connections when that is likely occur.

We want to know from the server perspective that we have everything as optimally tuned
for performance and capacity as we can possibly get it. Up to the point where only the 
developers web site development techniques would be the only thing that could slow it down.

And we are open to any suggestions from you experts.

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On Thu, Nov 6, 2014 at 2:37 PM, Rose, John B <jbrose@utk.edu> wrote:
Any pro/con views, personal experience, insights on these tools, or any not listed here you think are good?

Ab - Apache
Apache Flood

We have tried ab, webpagetest, and jmeter a bit but still learning. 


What aspects do you plan to test?  

Most, maybe all, can create arbitrary load on your server, at least when you use multiple clients.
Most, maybe all, can check the HTTP response code.
Some can perform detailed checks of response content.
Some can use the response from one request to drive subsequent requests, such as when simulating login or more complex user flows.

Maybe the question is what combination of load testing and functional testing do you need?

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