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From Stormy <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Problem with HTML datalist tag
Date Wed, 15 Oct 2014 13:51:14 GMT
At 03:19 PM 10/15/2014 +0200, Daniel wrote:
>Don't know where you got that idea supposing httpd modifies html pages.
>HTTPD does not touch html pages, it's not its function, nor the function 
>or any other web server, httpd sends them to the client when requested and 
>the client interprets them.
>It is at least surprising you blame the Apache Web Server over the client 
>in something like this.

and he's using an HTML5 tag <dataset> which is browser sensitive (e.g 
Safari won't touch it...)


>I would be inclined to think (but you didn't showed the source of the file 
>you see with the browser when you access it in the server), since your 
>server is in Linux and you are handling the file and testing locally in a 
>windows, that it is a carriage return thing rather than any other. Try 
>dos2unix the file in the server or similar, remember windows and Linux do 
>not use the same characters for newline/carriage returns.
>2014-10-14 17:09 GMT+02:00 barry kimelman 
>my laptop at the office is windows 7 with internet explorer 10.
>our apache server is version 2.2.3 running on a Linux system.
>I have a small HTML test file with a <datalist> tag that works fine when 
>runlocally through the browser.
>However when I send the file up to the apache server and then attempt to 
>display the web page with the <datalist> tag it does not display 
>correctly. I just see an input box with the contents of the datalist tag 
>choices displayed beside it. I have checked the apache error log and there 
>was no entry of any klind for my web page. Why does the apache web server 
>somehow manage to mess up my simple little web page which is as follows :
><input type="text" name="product" list="productName"/>
><datalist id="productName">
>Â Â Â  <option value="Pen">Pen</option>
>Â Â Â  <option value="Stapler">Stapler</option>
>Â Â Â  <option value="Pencil">Pencil</option>
>Â Â Â  <option value="Eraser">Eraser</option>
>Â Â Â  <option value="Paper">Paper</option>

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