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From Matt Hauck <>
Subject [users@httpd] Re: How to use ap_parse_form_data and keep request body?
Date Fri, 01 Aug 2014 07:15:22 GMT
So, I've been looking into how to do this possibly by dynamically enabling
the KeptBodySize. I can't seem to use this directive directly in my config
because the URLs I am working with get ProxyPass'ed to a different backend,
and do not correspond to any `Directory` element, as KeptBodySize only
appears to be applicable to Directory contexts...

The following seems like it should work:

static my_request_insert_filter(request_rec *req) {
   if (is_login_request(req)) {
       request_dir_conf *conf = ap_get_module_config(req->per_dir_config,

       conf->keep_body = 8192;
       conf->keep_body_set = TRUE;


However, the linker fails on "unresolved external symbol request_module".
Is this the right way to do about doing things? Is there a way to
lookup request_module
dynamically rather than a reference to it at compile time?

Help appreciated. Thanks.

On Thu, Jul 31, 2014 at 9:21 PM, Matt Hauck <> wrote:

> I am developing a module for apache that performs some authentication
> before passing requests off to the backend. Some of this authentication at
> times requires parsing form data. The problem is that ap_parse_form_data
> appears to exhaust the request body, so that by the time it passes my
> module and gets to the ProxyPass directive which funnels it off to the
> backend, the request body is gone and the backend thinks there is no form
> data supplied.
> Is there any way to use ap_parse_form_data in such a way that it keeps the
> request body intact?
> Thanks.
> (PS. I asked this question on stackoverflow
> <>
> then decide to ask it here as well since apache-module questions did not
> seem to be very well represented on stackoverflow...)
> --
> Matt


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