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From Sergei Franco <>
Subject [users@httpd] mod_proxy_fcgi not honouring .htaccess, work around needed.
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2014 23:00:39 GMT

I am using apache 2.4.7 with mod_proxy_fcgi for purpose of passing
through php to php-fpm (this will be used for shared hosting
The htaccess works fine for non php files, but once it hit rewrite
rule that proxies through the php requests, the htaccess is ignored.

I know why it is happening.

The question how do I force apache to treat the request to php file as
a request to local file, and then proxy it through?

I have spent substantial time in researching on this problem, and
following "answers" were given as solution:

1) "use apache configuration instead of .htaccess" it is valid
solution, but not for shared hosting environment (I am not going to
give access to apache configuration to shared hosting customers ;)).
2) "don't use .htaccess, as it has performance/security/other issues",
well how else would shared hosting customers control access/url
rewriting on their site? Besides if the .htaccess was not a
requirement I would simply use nginx.
3) "put rewrite rule for proxy inside of <directory>" - this is
incorrect, and it does not work.

This behaviour appears to be not a bug but a "feature" as per

Thank you very much.


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