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From Tom Phan <>
Subject [users@httpd] Apache cgid:error for HTML::Template::Pro templates larger than 8k
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2014 15:20:53 GMT
My web server: FreeBSD 10.0, Apache 2.4, Perl 5.16, HTML::Template::Pro 0.9510

When I try to run any perl script calling HTML::Template::Pro templates larger than 8,191
bytes, I get following error in httpd:

[cgid:error] malformed header from script '': Bad header: <!doctype html>

Running the script from command line does produce the expected output and no error, so I am
assuming the cause of the error is related to Apache.

Here is the simple perl script '' that I tested with:

use strict;
use HTML::Template::Pro;
my $tmpl = HTML::Template::Pro -> new(filename => 'test.tmpl');
print "Content-Type: text/html\n\n";
$tmpl -> output();

..and the HTML::Template::Pro template 'test.tmpl':

<!doctype html>
<p>blah blah</p>

I ran in the browser and everything was fine at first, no error. Then I started adding
a lot of blah blahs to the template file until the size of the template file hit exactly 8,192
bytes, at which time it crashed with a 500 and with the above error logged in the httpd-error.log.
If I delete even a single character from the template file so it goes below 8K, the script
runs again. I have absolutely no idea why this happens. By the way, large html files do not
crash Apache, nor do Perl scripts printing html code directly (without HTML::Template::Pro.
I tried both to the extreme, creating MBs of html code and wasn't able to crash anything at

If I switch to mod_cgi instead of mod_cgid, the error appears exactly when template file hits
4K in size. So it is 8K for mod_cgid and 4K for mod_cgi.

What is it in Apache that imposes such limits on the size of my templates and how can I lift/increase
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