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From Darly Senecal Baptiste <>
Subject [users] Basic Login as domain\username
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2014 20:26:19 GMT
Hi Community:

I had implemented a git repository server and its authentication is
Basic (*AuthType
Basic*).This type of authentication allows users to login with their
username and password through the LDAP server.

However, there are some service accounts (Thank you windows) that needs to
authenticate as domain\username. Looking on some forums, there are some
settings that use the* AuthType NTLM. *My fear is that if i implement the
NTLM for just a group of account, then the rest of the users will be forced
(... and frustrated ...) to type domain\username.

Is there a way in apache that allows service accounts to access as
domain\username and other users to authenticate as username?


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