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From Robin Becker <>
Subject [users@httpd] MaxClients exceeded error message
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2014 12:52:38 GMT
An apache 2.2 mpm prefork  site which uses an external mod_fastcgi socket to 
django was experiencing slowdowns during a busy period.

The main symptom seemed to be a connection delay of up to 10 seconds.

At the time I saw the machine was not heavily loaded in cpu or memory, but there 
were a large number of apache processes; stupidly I didn't think to count them.

Later I looked for an error message related to MaxClients exceeded or similar, 
but could not see any.

I have upped the MaxClients setting from 150 to 300 and in another busy period 
don't see the slowdown although monitoring the apache process count shows it can 
exceed the old limit.

The django side of this is not especially fast and the single socket connection 
seems like it might be a choke point, but my understanding is that the django 
side of the fastcgi is also spawning children to handle the requests.

What are the effects of MaxClient limit being exceeded? Should I have seen an 
error message if it was exceeded?
Robin Becker

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