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From Wim Lewis <>
Subject [users@httpd] Multilingual ErrorDocuments vs. content-type negotiation
Date Wed, 28 May 2014 23:15:23 GMT
I'm having an annoying problem as a result of enabling multilingual error documents. The situation
is this:

  - I'm using the multilingual error docs that come with apache 2.4.x.
  - I have clients other than web browsers --- API consumers, WebDAV clients, etc. --- which
don't include text/html in their Accept: headers.

When an error of some kind occurs, Apache goes and looks through the typemap for a matching
error page. Unfortunately it doesn't find one, since all of the error pages are HTML. So instead,
it returns a generic error page (in HTML!), as well as logging an "AH00690: no acceptable
variant" message, changing the response code in the CombinedLog to 406, and generally emitting

If there *isn't* a typemap for multilingual error docs, then Apache will happily return an
HTML error page to the client, even though the client does not Accept: text/html. (I'm not
sure what the standards have to say about this situation, but this seems like the generally
preferable behavior for error documents, and what I would expect.)

Obviously, I can simply turn off multilingual error documents to get the behavior I want,
but I'd like to keep the l10n if I can.

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