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From "Vladimir-M. Obelic" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Apache 2.4 Proxy Connect - connection reset
Date Fri, 25 Apr 2014 12:33:37 GMT

I have a working setup with apache 2.2 server acting as a remote proxy.

I'm using proxytunnel with two chained proxies: proxytunnel -q -X -p
localproxy:8080 -r remoteproxy:443 -d destination:22

I had to apply a patch for SSL to work though:

I'm now trying to do the same using the apache 2.4 server build
2.4.6-ubuntu (the above SSL issue is resolved in 2.4). The connection
establishes immediately but after cca 20 seconds apache (remoteproxy)
resets the connection to the local proxy, thus killing my SSH session.
Keepalives for the SSH session didn't help.

I tried raising the log level LogLevel debug in the general apache config,
but i'm not seeing any useful info.

Later on found out about trace1-8 debug levels but that ALSO doesn't show
anything. Using LogLevel warn proxy:trace6 proxy_connect:trace6. In packet
traces I'm just seeing sudden FIN/ACK from remoteproxy->destination and
RST/ACK from remoteproxy->localproxy. No mention of any proxy activity
inside /var/log/apache2. Only a single CONNECT line.

Any suggestions?



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