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From Marshall Httpd <>
Subject [users@httpd] auth_ldap fails after upgrading to 2.4.9
Date Tue, 15 Apr 2014 19:55:57 GMT

Our httpd.exe was recently upgraded from 2.4.6 to 2.4.9.  But, when that
happened, some of our users can no longer authenticate via LDAP.  By
"some", I mean that we have 2 domains.  Users from one domain are fine, but
users in the 2nd domain can no longer authenticate.

E.g. AD\steve can authenticate fine; but DOMAIN\dev.frank now gets
"authentication failed"

The general error goes something like:
[authnz_ldap:info] [pid 4844:tid 1040] [client 100.200.300.401:55888]
AH01695: auth_ldap authenticate: user dev.frank authentication failed; URI
/svn/databaseProject [User not found][No Such Object]

Has anyone experienced such a thing before?  And/or know of the fix?

Full disclosure:  httpd.exe was upgraded by way of our CollabNet Subversion
Edge upgrade.  I posed my question there first of course; but this really
does seem like its a httpd issue.  And thus, here I am.
I captured a great deal of logging information along with configuration
settings in their forums.  It's available here:

Thank you,

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