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From Mark London <>
Subject [users@httpd] HTTPS configuration problem.
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2014 19:12:06 GMT
Hi - I inherited a web server from another site.   I requested a 
wildcard certificate for that server.   What I failed to realize, was 
that a wildcard certificate only covers *.XXX.COM.  It won't cover plain 
XXX.COM.   And unfortunately, people mainly connect to the site, using 
XXX.COM   Thus, people who connect to the server using HTTPS://XXX.COM, 
get a warning message, saying that the certificate is not valid.

So I've been trying to find a configuration that redirects 
HTTPS://XXX.COM to HTTPS://WWW.XXX.COM.  Unfortunately, every 
configuration that I've tried, doesn't work.  All of the rewrite and 
redirect rules, are applied after the browser checks the certificate 
against the URL.   Thus, the warning web page always appears.

Is there a configuration to do what I want?  Or will I have to request a 
certificate for XXX.COM?  (And then configure my SSL.CONF to have 2 
virtual hosts, one for WWW.XXX.COM, and one for XXX.COM).   Thanks very 
much. - Mark

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