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From Jesus Cea <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Apache 2.4 - non adoption reasons??
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2014 22:06:24 GMT
On 10/04/14 19:43, Joey J wrote:
> Apache 2.4 has had a stable release out for over 2 years but is only
> used by 2.5% of active Apache sites.   Why is the adoption so low?? The
> Apache foundation has been recommending upgrading to 2.4 for some time
> and looking at the improvements I see significant value in several.  I
> don't see any reason why anybody wouldn't want to use it but the
> community seems to think it's bad.

My datapoint.

I was using 2.2.26 until a couple of weeks ago. I was perfectly fine
with it.

I upgraded to 2.4.9 because I wanted to check out the EVENT worker and
many SSL improvements (OCSP stapling, Elliptic Curves). In the process I
had to drop "mod_python" and make a painful, long and error-prone
conversion of "order deny/allow" to "Requires". It was really annoying
and I am still not sure some of my protected data is now available out
there because some mistake.

I am ok with the upgrading, so far (beside the annoying "you are going
to be in the newspapers because you did some permissions upgrading
wrong"), except for this VERY ANNOYING BUG:

That is not reason enough to downgrade, but it is very annoying and
costly, and I am a bit dissapointed of that bug being there for ages.
And ages.

I am graceful to Apache team, thought. My nature is being grumpy :-).
Apache is a great product. Using it since 1.3 days.

I didn't upgrade before because 2.2 was working great and 2.4 was not a
big enough improvement. Low return for the risk of upgrading, dropping
mod_python, etc. The order->requires was a showstop for me. Maybe an
automatic migration tool would help other people.

Hope my datapoint be useful to somebody.

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